About Us

Your Candy Shop has been an online candy distributor to the public for years offering the lowest prices and the best service. Which is why we have been growing steadily for years now.

And our success is thanks to our customers, and because of that we have had to find a more expandable website that will fit our needs now and in the future.

Our newly designed 100% secure site has the largest selection of bulk candies, retro candies, mints, chewing gums, chocolates, novelty candies and much more all in bulk and ready to ship. Why worry about shopping safely online when our entire site has the newest encryption technology from the home page all the way to the completion of checkout. If you your looking for Trident, Dentyne, Hubba Bubba gums we have that and more. Every variety of Hershey's chocolate. Even Chowards Violet mints and Long Boys, Abba Zabba and Necco Wafers. Buy at the lowest prices, fastest service and largest selection at Your Candy Shop.

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