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Candies Are Not All We Have

Candies Are Not All We Have

Candies, chocolates, gums and baked goods – is there anything does not have?

The short answer to that is no.

We want to make it super easy for our customers to shop for their sweet tooth, which is why we have everything good under one roof. Our Baked Goods range has all your favorite baked delights that you have had been having so much difficulty locating.  Browse through our range and we are sure will be that place where you will finally find what you were seeking. From cinnamon rolls to crumb cakes, cookies and more, you will find it here.

Just as you cannot survive heartbreaks without chocolates, for most people afternoon tea is an event which would be incomplete without some baked delights. Your perfect cup of tea or steaming mug of coffee would taste so much better with some Pillsbury Brownies. You want something; we will bring it to you. All you have to do is to place an order with us and it will be delivered to you within 3 days.

Who doesn’t love apple pie? With a nice scoop of vanilla ice cream on top, well try these goodies.  Would you mind receiving Entenmann's Apple Snack Pies? We would not. Do not have time to bake your own batch of apple pies to serve as dessert? You do not have to! Just order some Drake's Apple Fruit Pies and you will be good to go.

At, our aim is to provide you with most extensive range of candies, chocolates, jelly beans, bakes goods and much more, as possible. We are constantly adding new items to our already huge catalogue. We also offer the option to buy your sweets and toffees in bulk so you never have to run out of them.

We also have certain items on sales so you can shop for even less. Buying candies on sale or in bulk is a great option to save some money especially if you have an event coming up, like birthday parties, which requires you to give away lots of candy to starving-for-candy children. Or you can just store some for yourself, you never know when you just might need to pull out your own stash of Albert’s Chocolate Ice Cubes.  On days where you might be feeling particularly generous, you may even give a few to your siblings. is also constantly looking for ways to make shopping with us as convenient for you as possible. From sorting out candies from a box to bulk candy from a pallet or a pound. We have now also introduced Apple Pay and Amazon Pay along with PayPal, PayPal Credit and all major credit cards. So sweet fixes are important and we are committed to making you get yours as easily as possible.

The Secret to Living a Longer Life

Who wouldn’t want to live longer to be able to enjoy more candy?

Did you know that people who eat candy are expected to live almost a year longer than those who don’t? Who knew the secret to living a longer life would be this sweet!

And this isn’t some fact that we made up on our own to increase our sales. The good folks down at the Harvard School of Public Health concluded this delicious fact based on an actual study.

What exactly is in candies and chocolates that can help you add on almost a year to your life?

Two ingredients stood out the most: Antioxidant Phenol (also found in red wine) and Cacao which is found in abundance in chocolates. These two ingredients are of immense help in reducing “oxidation of low-density lipoprotein cholesterol” and not just that, but they can also lead a boost to your immune system.

A stronger immune system would mean a healthier body, a healthier body would mean fewer chances of succumbing to diseases.

Speaking of diseases, animal studies have found out that licorice can actually reverse the problems associated with learning and memory that is caused by Type 2 Diabetes. Additionally, non-diabetic animals showed signs of improved memory by consuming licorice.

Licorice has a flavonoid called Glabridin which turns out is super good for memory.

Another study conducted by the University of Hull found out some more good news for people with Type 2 Diabetics. Eating dark chocolate can increase the levels of good cholesterol! So to break it down, people who have been diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes, can reduce the risk of developing cardiovascular problems by adding dark chocolate in their diet.

You must have heard about chocolate being a good mood-booster, but turns out it does so much more than that. Next time when you feel like your throat has been sliced and cut into a million little pieces by all the coughing that you did, eat some chocolate.

Two ounces of chocolate to be exact. Another study concluded that chocolate contains Theobromine which is super effective in calming down the Vagus nerve in your brain which triggers coughing.

With so many benefits to its name, order yourself some candy from so you get to reap them, too. We provide our customers the option to buy their Candy in Bulk so they can have all the candy they want, whilst staying in their budget. is all about making things easier for their customers (you).  And if you have a question or a favorite candy that you are looking for let us know, we have a hugs network of suppliers and if its still made chances are we can get it, so drop us a line at CONTACT US.

Swirl in a Nostalgic Taffy Experience with Bit-O-Honey Candy Bars

Admit it; there is something just unexplainably great about Bit-O-Honey candy bars. Is it their sticking quality to the teeth, or the tasty honey scent that reeks out of the candy bars that makes everyone love these bars so much? Bit-O-Honey is a candy treat that has been around for quite a long time now. However, do you have the slightest idea of the past of this candy?

This candy was introduced in the market in the year 1924. At that time, Schutter Johnson was a renowned and well-established company in Chicago, Illinois. 

The company was the first to create a new kind of candy bar. It had tiny almond nuts all coated in a crispy and golden coat of taffy honey. During that time, Bit-O-Honey was by far the most sought after chocolate bar!

Created with egg whites, which adds an extra chewy effect to the bar, the six taffy pieces of this candy bar rose to popularity and soon became a major success in the world of candy bars. Even nowadays, you will see many people, both adults and children, who crave for the taffy experience that takes them back to a nostalgic past.


Later in 1926, the Schutter Johnson company collaborated with the NYC’s Ward Candy Company, which were the makers of the popular Chunky, Oh Henry!, and the Raisinets candy. It was at this time that the company created a chocolaty version of the candy, which was named the Bit-O-Chocolate candy bar.

However, there was just something about this version that didn’t really catch the hearts of consumers, and later its production was stopped. Other interesting flavors such as Bit-O-Peanut Butter, and Bit-O-Licorice were introduced, but likewise, they failed to entice the candy lovers. It was clear that no other flavor could compete against the Bit-O-Honey flavor!


Although other flavors didn’t sell so well, the company still added another version in the late 70’s in their range and somehow it managed to stay around. Yes, Bit-O-Honey Bumblebee is another flavor that had set the candy markets n fire.

This pack is more famous for its appealing wrapper, which has managed to stick around for about 30 years now. Just like the original Bit-O-Honey flavor, there is something about this candy that will fill your mouth with sweetness and joy.

Your Candy Shop and Bit-O-Quality

In 1984, Nestle took over the Bit-O-Honey brand and soon Pearson’s Candy Company took over this famous bar from Nestle. Even though this candy bar has shuffled from one company to another, today you can still grab any bar from any outlet and you will be pleased that the taste hasn’t changed at all.

Your Candy Shop is another place where you can easily grab this taffy. Home to so many mouthwatering treats, if you want to swirl in a nostalgic taffy experience that will spin you around, then buy a Bit-O-Honey bar from the online store now! You will also find other options like the Bit-O-Honey by pound, and the Sesame Crunch by Joyva. Apart from these, you will find so many new arrivals that will prove to be a treat for your sweet tooth! 

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